Crypto: Scholar

We are going to try and establish a brief idea of this phenomenon called crypto. But I believe that before anyone can trade BTC, one needs to understand BTC/Cryptocurrencies. If you have any questions regarding the general process as to how to trade Crypto refer to this FAQ.

Part 1: Basics

1. Chapter 1: Pre Reading: Why we needed BTC

This chapter will introduce you to the revolution. To understand any big change that happens, it is important to have an understanding of the situation that led up to the revolution. This chapter tries to give the reader a brief account of why Bitcoins came into existence in the first place!

2. Chapter 2: The True Nature of BTC

This chapter will try to help the readers understand what Bitcoin is. Does it have any utilitarian value? What is the underlying technology. It is important to understand the technology because it lays the framework for all the other cryptocurrencies.

3. Chapter 3: Blockchains – The Real Disruptor

This chapter is an extension of the last chapter. In this chapter we will move beyond bitcoins to the underlying technology, ‘Blockchains’. The Blockchain is the actual technology, Bitcoin is just one of its applications. So an understanding of blockchain is a prerequisite to go further.

Part 2: Intermediate: 1

In this part we will try to understand the basic cryptocurrencies. In the cryptoworld, as per my observations, the basic framework of a few currencies can serve as a framework for understanding many other currencies. For example: If you understand Bitcoin, you will easily be able to understand Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and a host of other currencies. Same goes for Ethereum, we will be calling these our Base Currencies. Our first base currency #1 is Bitcoin itself. In this part we will try to understand a few base cryptos and then head on from there.

4. Chapter 4: Intro To The Other Base Cryptocurrencies

A basic pre-reading before moving on to the other cryptocurrencies.

5. Chapter 5: Base Crypto #2: Ethereum

A very strong crypto, which has the capacity to create other cryptos.

6. Chapter 6: Base Crypto #3: Ripple (XRP)

A crypto that apparently goes against the very nature of Cryptos. A crypto that bankers love. But most of all, a crypto that has a strong reason to exist.

Part 3: Intermediate: 2

In this part we shall try and dive into the crypto family. Build upon the various base currencies, and try and understand more coins which are derived from the various base currencies.

7. Chapter 7: The Forks

In this chapter we will try and understand what forks are, and why these forks were carried out. How it helped the system and how one can take advantage of them.

The following part is dedicated to individual coins and how they will fall into different families. I will update them as fast as I can. If someone wants a write up on a certain coin, please feel free to request in the comments. Or drop me a mail.

8. Chapter 8: The Bitcoin Family

9. Chapter 9: The Ethereum Family

9.1. Chapter 9.1: Cardano (ADA)

9.2. Chapter 9.2: Lisk (LSK)

10. Chapter 10: The Ripple Family

10.1. Chapter 10.1: Power Ledger

10.2 Chapter 10.2: Tron (TRX)

10.3 Chapter 10.3: Gifto (GTO)