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I have built this portal to express my views on the current trading/investing environment. Few generations in the history of mankind can say that I was alive when an entirely new asset class was born. We are lucky to be among the few who can say that! We saw the birth of cryptocurrencies:

About Myself: I am an investment banker at a leading bank in India and being a finance person I have always been able to navigate the stock markets. But now that we have something new on the horizon, I will try and help all of you navigate this exciting new prospect. Many of you maybe skeptical, of whether or not you would like to put your money in Crypto. As the community will tell you: DYOR (Do your own research). Here I will provide you with all the goods so that you can start off your journey in these tumultuous waters.

How to use this site:

I will be posting blogs on several things. But those are just food for thought. I have organized this blog like a book, so that once a person reads from the topics in the predefined order, he or she can then by himself/herself understand how to go about investing in these markets. My portal is divided into 3 sections, by heading over to ‘The Cryptoworld tab’ at the top:

1. Crypto: Scholar

This section is meant to equip you with a bit of history, and lots of fundamental analyses on individual coins. You will be led through one chapter after another, in a sequential manner so as to make understanding cryptocurrencies easy. What is it? What is its true nature? Why are people paying for it? All these questions will be answered here.

2. Crypto: How to

This section will be dedicated to the operational part of the job. How to open an account, how to buy coins that are not there in Indian exchanges.

3. Crypto: Valuation

This section is to try and place a number on the value of cryptocurrencies. This will be a very innovative exercise, and I will attempt to value these coins. I do expect this area to be the focal point of discussions and diverse viewpoints.

Now you will be thinking what is the Nifty tab doing up there. Being a finance guy the equity markets will always be my first love. Since there is an abundance of stuff related to Indian equity market on the internet, I wont go into to much detail. I will post my stock recommendations, portfolio and possibly some good resources.

Having said that, I welcome you all. I hope you like it. Feedback will be appreciated.

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